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Everyone wants to get promoted. You get a title change. You get a compensation increase. You can work on larger-scope projects. But what does it take to get promoted? What are the steps to take so that one does not stagnate in his or her career?

There is no one perfect way to get promoted as a software engineer, but following these tips should set any developer for success!

1. Work on Multiple Projects

The main objective is to ensure that you can work on multiple projects and drive them to completion. You need to prove that you are a competent coder.

When selecting which…

Office Hours

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Coding interview is a daunting experience. You interview for your dream job, and a random stranger asks you to think on your feet for an hour. You are being put under a microscope, and every comment you make and every code code you write is being analyzed intensely. Beads of sweat drip from your palms, and your mind richochets everywhere. How do I solve this problem? Will my approach handle all edge cases? How many minutes are left? What’s the facial expression of my interviewer?

I agree. It’s not an easy experience. It’s tough.

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Software engineering is a high demand job nowaday. There are currently about 1.5 million jobs for software engineers, and they are projected to grow by an astonishing 22% from 2019 to 2029 [1]. That means by 2029, about 33 million jobs will be added. It is a stable job to have, and it can come with great perks! The compensation is great. You can get unlimited PTO, reimbursement for phone bills and WiFi bills, etc. You can see why more and more people are pursuing a career in this space.

Recently, coding bootcamps have sprung up and have gained a…

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It has been almost one year since I left Amazon, and since then, I have learned and realized a great deal working at Twitter.

1. Service Health

Software engineering is not limited to building new features for customers to use; it is also ensuring that the existing services are healthy and functional. Services should never go backward in performance. This is important in order to maintain the trust of your customers. If your existing services cannot provide the same SLA (service level agreement), then why would customers use your services?

There are numerous ways to maintain services:

  1. Oncall
  2. Monitoring
  3. Automation Systems
  4. Operational Hygiene

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I am not going to lie; software engineers have a pretty good life. We can come into the office around 10 AM and still leave around 5 PM. We rarely need to work on weekends. We can work from home if we need to. We get unlimited snacks and free food for lunch, and taking a personal vacation is encouraged. Most of the time, it is a comfortable life, but for me, work can get pretty stressful and chaotic.

People rarely associate on-call with software engineers. For most engineers in tech, on-call is a pretty light load. It can even…

Fairness and Bias

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The software industry has been one of the progressive industries with companies like Twitter emphasizing on diversity. More and more Silicon Valley companies are participating in Pride Week and establishing outreach programs to hire people from underrepresented groups. They celebrate Black History Month and have begun to commemorate Juneteenth. Despite all that, there are signs of racial discrimination deeply embedded within these companies.

Racism in Language

Racial bias exists within the language software engineers use at work. For instance, there is the concept of access control, and it’s called whitelisting and blacklisting. Whitelisting is allowing that specific entity to communicate with your service…

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AWS SNS (Simple Notification System) is a publisher/subscriber system. AWS SNS is equivalent to Kafka (this is what I work on at Twitter).

A great example of a publisher/subscriber system is a real-time stock price broker. The broker is receiving numerous real time stock prices from multiple sources. I am subscribed to the stock Apple, and I only get notified when there is an update in Apple’s stock price. I do not get bombarded by all other stocks, such as Microsoft or Amazon for instance.

There are 4 core concepts to understand:

  • Topic: An intermediary channel that stores a list…

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I last posted about choosing between coding bootcamps and colleges to become a software engineer. If you have not read it, read here!

For today’s topic, it’s everyone’s friendly neighbor — resume! Now, a lot of you probably have had unpleasant experience with resumes and recruiters at some point in time. The story goes like this. You email recruiters with your resume attached, and you even write a couple paragraphs why that company is your dream company. The recruiters email back stating that they will do their best to get you into the interview process.

A day goes by and…

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Freelancing is definitely not a walk in the park. When I first started freelancing, I had a rough start. Like many other freelancers, I had to figure out the ropes myself. I didn’t have a mentor to tell me the ins and outs. On top of that, there was not a lot of online material on how to succeed in the space that I was in.

As I freelanced, numerous questions popped up. How can I scale this? Would it be possible to connect my freelance work into other channels of income? The biggest question I had was how can…

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Do you ever wish that you can go back in time and tell your younger self what to do or what not to do? Well I definitely do, and the biggest advice I would say to myself is “pursue side gigs.” Here’s my story.

About a year ago, I was 24 years old with barely one year of work experience and recently graduated from Cornell University. I was a brand new baby living in one of the most expensive cities. It was super cool to experience all the different cultures, try out all the various boba shops, etc. However, there…

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